Trust Loans $5,000 unsecured loan for a business. Opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists, tradesmen, and community based businesses and those in various sectors of the economy. Mechanics, Autobody Workmen, Technicians Special locations to be provided for such businesses to set up or expand without the constraints of operating in residential neighbourhoods. Special opportunities for mechanics, bodywork…

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Sports Persons

New governance structure for sports. Thrust to export cricketing professionals. Set up new niche markets in beach sports, road tennis, skateboarding, volleyball. Improve athletics and support football. Income earning opportunities to be maximised.

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Homeowners Incentives and rebates for homeowners who “go green” or “hurricane-proof” their homes. New housing to rent or buy Parents Training and support to improve parenting skills and help you raise and manage your children. Conflict resolution and anger management classes available at the community level. Crèches to be required for large workplaces. Make and…

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Persons With Disabilities (PWD)

Employment for PWD Implement affirmative action to raise employment of PWD in the public sector. Accessibility for All Bajans Develop a phased programme to make the island’s public buildings, sidewalks and main highways fully accessible to PWD. Creating an Accessible Economy that incentivises people, firms, entrepreneurs, Government and Civil Society to meet the needs of…

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Our Rastafarian Brethren & Sistren

Recognise and respect the members of the Rastafarian Community as valued and contributing members of Barbadian society. Facilitate access to large lots of land for farming. Reserve space at new vending sites for the sale of the community’s fruit and vegetables. Fix and repair Temple Yard and provide water, electricity and proper sanitation facilities. Provide…

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Basic Income Earners

Lost A Relative? Funeral grant to increase by $500. Helping The Poor No more NSRL. VAT back to 15% in 18 months. Eliminate all pit toilets. Family safety nets. New rental or rent-to-own housing. Gas Station Workers To receive raincoats and water protection covering and health

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Middle Class

More money in your pockets – No NSRL, No Road Tax, concessions for hurricaneproofing your home, job opportunities. Owed a Conveyance by Government? You will get it. Government will pay outstanding money to UCAL, UWI and refund income tax and VAT.

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Young People

World-class opportunities. Strong non-academic training. Support with business ideas. New jobs and careers in technology. Will be entitled to shares in the Barbados Sovereign Wealth Fund and be part of the Global Citizens Programme. Will be given seats on school boards. 5%of Government contracts reserved for young entrepreneurs. The Youth Innovation Award worth $150,000 of…

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Increased pension. Kneeling buses outfitted to carry wheelchairs for elderly and physically challenged. Legislation to protect seniors from all kinds of abuse – physical, financial, sexual, psychological. Expansion of the Care of The Elderly Nursing Home Programme. New Community based care services.

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$5,000 unsecured loan for a business. Opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists, tradesmen, and community based businesses and those in various sectors of the economy. Special opportunities for mechanics, bodywork men and technicians. New jobs across the economy. Paternity leave for fathers. New jobs across the economy. Counselling for battered men

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